Bluetick Smokey River Hounds





                                       Zeus Bawling on Little Missouri River                                                  Zeus at Office in Magnolia, Arkansas                                                 Bama Boy at Magnolia Station                               Athena (background) at May Tree Farm in Delight, Arkansas

Breed: Smokey River Bluetick Hounds  by sire Zeus and dame Athena (copy rights reserved).
Sire and Dame Bloodline: Sire Zeus is a Smokey River Bluetick Hound and renowned blood trailer and deer runner with over 100 whitetail harvests. Dame Athena is a Smokey River Bluetick Hound and excellent hunter and mother to four litters totaling 35 puppies. Zeus and Athena breed once a year to produce backup copies of Zeus for future hunts of which owner Teddy retains one per litter and sales the rest to friends, family and other hound lovers, so the legend continues. Zeus and Athena's Grandfather was Smokey River Jake who was a purple ribbon coonhound hunter...."To know the parents is to know the puppy" Teddy Reynolds.
Registration: Sire Zeus, Dame Athena and Puppies are UKC registered.

Litter #7 pictures in making; sire Zeus and dame Athena:

3 Puppies Born January 11th, 2018:

(3 males): Boy 1 reserved by Yana Vasylenko

(Speckling and color enhances after 3 weeks)


2018 Male pup US $1,100, female pup US $900 minus reservation deposit (due to demand each year pups increase $100 per litter). Pickup between 6 - 10 weeks and air-flight after 8 weeks of age. Pups are guaranteed with full refund when returned for any reason within six months. Pups free range on farm with exposure to a variety of animals for maximum instinctive and personality development and began daily 1/2 mile exploration walks through farm's pine plantation at 4 weeks. Teddy's proven when environment, genetics and training are blended in the proper proportions you end up with the hound you've always wanted. Pups in traditional black and tan heads with black body spots over blue speckling under white coat and occasionally rare red and tan heads with red body spots.




Beau (left) & Apollo (right) - 2018-02-23 5-weeks

Beau - 2018-02-23 5-weeks - new home South Louisiana

Apollo - 2018-02-23 5-weeks new home Washington State


Male pup US $1,100, female pup US $900. All pups are guaranteed with 100% refund if returned for any reason within six months. $200 for early reservation deposit which is deducted from total sale price.


Pickup pup at farm, or we can arrange for same day air flight within USA (picture below of Apollo flying American Airlines from Shreveport to Connecticut to Troy and Sarah Crandall). Shipping within the USA is additional $400 and covers for USA flights only: registration, current vaccinations, veterinarian examination with health certificate, and travel crate.  The pups will be scheduled and flown to you after 8 weeks of age as required by aviation regulation.


Shipping international flights has estimated additional documentation cost of $150 and will vary depending countries' import regulations to include: microchip, current vaccinations up to 90 days old (without rabies vaccination) and current worming by USDA veterinarian examination with "International Health Certificate", international "Import Permit" and travel crate.



Transportation Options:

      a) Pickup pup at farm: $200 deposit to reserve by PayPal or mail check (see address below) and balance of $900 (male) paid when pickup pup at farm.

      b) Pup air-flight to airport closest to you serviced by Delta Airlines on weekdays and American Airlines on Saturdays: make payment through PayPal for entire

          amount of $1,100 (male) for pup and $400 for flight (any previous deposit paid is deducted).


Mail check to:

     Teddy Reynolds

     Reynolds Forestry

     PO Box 1129

     Magnolia, AR 71754


Pay Your Puppy Via PayPal

Reserve and Pay for your puppy Via Pay Pal

Contact: If you would like to visit sire Zeus, dame Athena and pups on the farm or for more information or for past litter owner references (pictures below) email or call Teddy Reynolds (owner) cell 870-299-0977, Yana Vasylenko 870-299-9944 or Colleen Morphew cell 870-299-0978...."Some dogs are good friends, less good workers, and exceptional few are both" Teddy Reynolds.
More Pictures:

View more pictures on Facebook in "Bluetick Smokey River Album" of sire Zeus, dame Athena, and previous litters click Bluetick Smokey River Album

Video: Litter #4 Puppies Walking at 6 Weeks

Video: Litter #4 Puppies Swimming at 7 Weeks



                            Litter #4                                                                                                                                                Sometimes best to not follow the leader                                                                          Teddy the Owner with Pet Raccoon




                   Where did the coon go? 4.5 weeks                                                           Quick get me out of here! - 4.5 weeks                                                               Feeding - 4.5 weeks



                 Window seat - 5 week                                                          Walking woods trail - 5 weeks


Zeus the Sire

Zeus is my hunt buddy, tracker, deer runner, and friend.  Zeus is a one-of-kind natural alpha self starting lead hunt hound that has never been outperformed. He averages 90 pounds and is gentle to those he loves including our pet deer.  His largest trophy hunt is a 12-point whitetail deer scoring 168 Boone & Crockett.  Zeus is a self-starter and typically runs 3 miles and returns to starting point, getting in 3 to 6 starts a day; the highest his Garmin GPS collar logged for a entire days hunt was 40 miles. Over a dozen deer are harvested in front of Zeus each year and multiple blood trails tracked and located.  Zeus is stately, calm, confident and holds his tail high with a distinct deep resonating coonhound bawl. Zeus never starts a fight with other hunt dogs but always ends them.

Athena the Dame

Athena is happy go lucky great hunter, tracker and short runner (less than one mile per run) with an enthusiastic personality that compliments Zeus' quiet, gentle personality.



The Bluetick Hound, Why We Love Them:

There is greatness in all dogs and all breeds. There is a quality about a Bluetick coonhound that just puts a catch in your heart. It may be the incongruity of the breed - here is a dog with the endurance and fortitude to trail and track all night, the intelligence and instinct to follow a lead across miles of varying terrain, and the uncanny ability to turn up the next morning - with torn pads and ears - in the same spot where the hunt began, waiting stoically for his human to find him ---- Seemingly imperturbable with their doleful expressions and simple needs, they are also almost heartbreakingly vulnerable - as if their contentment with humble fare is a defense against the possibility that there may never be more offered. But nothing compares to the adoring look in those houndly eyes, nor the profound sigh of bliss when that large head is lowered onto your lap to receive gentle petting. Euphoric appreciation attends every meal placed before a coon hound, and there is not another dog we know who can appreciate with such utter abandon the exquisite comfort of a soft, fleecy bed ---- In these gentle giants' demeanor there are recognition and abject gratitude for the love they inspire in a human heart. Coonhounds bond in a deep and undemanding manner. Their easy-going personalities help them settle into the rhythms of home life easily and naturally, and they are perfect examples of how to make the most of any situation - from down time to play time - no dog sleeps better, bounds into the turck more joyously, endures more patiently, or loves more faithfully than a Bluetick coonhound. - Unknown Author with a few slight modifications by Teddy

Owners of Previous Pups sired by Zeus and dame Athena (6 past litters):

Litter #1 - Born 06/02/2011 - 8 pups - 4 girls, 4 boys (4 traditional bluetick and 4 rare redtick): 


Hercules (male tan): Teddy Reynolds, McNeil Arkansas blood trailer and deer runner (Deceased, accidently injured by pet deer)



Venus (female tan) : Crystal Mouser, Cullens Louisiana (Circle J Hunting Kennels) coons and baying hogs



Lulla-Belle (female black/tan : Dusty Viator, Jeanerette, Louisiana (off-shore oil) blood trailer



Three Spot (male black/tan) and Bandit (males black/tan): Jim May, Delight Arkansas (retired oil exploration) deer runner (Bandit missing in action, coyotes or stolen)



Molly (female tan): Sylvia and Jerry Colanter, Tuscumbia Alabama (retired mom and dam operator) family indoor/outdoor pet (believed to have been stolen)



 Smokey (male black/tan) and Red (female tan): Auburn University Canine Detection Institute Alabama explosive detection - Sylvia and Jerry Colanter, Tuscumbia Alabama - family indoor/outdoor pets



Litter #2 - Born 01/10/2012 - 9 pups - 4 girls, 5 boys (4 traditional bluetick and 5 rare redtick):

                Atlas (male black/tan): Teddy Reynolds, McNeil, Arkansas (forestry investment consulting) blood trailing and deer runner



                Echo (female black/tan): Lisa and Jon Bastendorff, Coos Bay, Oregon (nursing) elk antler trailing



                Trixie (female tan): Michael Caffrey, Denton, Maryland (electrician IBEW) family indoor pet



Ruby (female tan): Clint Snelgrove, Crossett, Arkansas (college student) coons

"I wanted to give you an update on a pup I purchased last spring (female with the recessive brown trait). She was the 'runt' of the litter. She is the smartest hound I have ever owned, She started treeing squirrels in my yard at 5 months old. She is the most obedient hound I have ever owned also. I started taking her coon hunting about 3 weeks ago. She has treed a coon on 4 out of 6 trips. All of this was done alone. She has never been with another dog. I have never had a hound start that quick.  I had been out of the sport of coon hunting for 30 years. I am starting to get back into it. She has really got me fired up. I plan to take her out squirrel hunting next weekend.  She may have been the runt and look different from a traditional Bluetick, but she is one good dog...." Eric Snelgrove, Crossett, Arkansas 01/13/2013



                 Brown Sugar (female tan): Winston May, Clarksville, Arkansas (self employed) deer runner (hit by train)



                 Bama Boy (male black/tan): Jim Sessions, Evergreen, Alabama (Owner of Concuh Sausage Company) blood trailing and deer runner



Duke (male black/tan): Owner 1) Justin Bowie, Conway Arkansas (bull fighter) blood trailer and deer runner; Owner 2) Dalton Wethertingon, Mountain Pine, Arkansas (junior high student) blood trailing and deer runner



               Crash (male tan): Kyle Brothers, Farmerville Louisiana (State Trooper) blood trailer and deer runner



                Sampson (male tan): Monique and Ron Lewin, Franklin, Jeanerette Louisiana (homemaker and offshore diver) blood trailer and deer runner




Litter #3 - Born 09/04/2012 - 8 pups - 4 girls, 4 boys (8 traditional bluetick and 0 rare redtick):

                Duke (male black/tan), Kelly Blair, McNeil, Arkansas (pond construction & dozer work) - deer runner



                Apollo (male black/tan), Troy Crandall, Ledyard, Connecticut (business owner - trash collection) - family pet



                Zina (female black/tan), Dav Thibodeaux, Jeanerette, Louisiana (off shore driller) - deer runner


                Chester (male black/tan), Deceased

                Kate (female black/tan), Kyle Burleson, Springhill, LA (disabled veteran) - family pet



Pup 6 (female black/tan), Greg Bullock, Haughton, Louisiana (private investigator) - deer runner


                Pup 7 (female black/tan), Steven Cossey, Amarillo, Texas (cattle rancher) - deer runner


Litter (#4) - Born 04/12/2013 - 10 Pups - 5 girls, 5 boys (7 traditional bluetick and 3 rare redtick):

Pearl (female black/tan), Clay & Sarah Osborne, Montgomery, Alabama (anesthesiologist)



                Pup 2 (female tan), Lisa  & Bryan Waller, Emerson, Arkansas



                 Pup 3 (female black/tan), Trevor Broussard, Louisiana



                Grace (female black/tan) Tblu Landry, Louisiana


                Crazy Boy (male black/tan),  Mike Grashuis, Reno, Nevada


                Grimm (male black/tan), Monica Schiller, Tyler, Texas (deceased 4-wheeler accident)


              Rambo (male tan), Eric Snelgrove, Crossett, Arkansas (accountant)


                Ouzo (male black/tan), Teddy Reynolds, McNeil, Arkansas (forestry investment consulting)



                Peebles (female tan), Winston May, Clarksville, Arkansas (self employed)



                Sir Duke Edgington (male black/tan), Timothy Garman, Wooster, Ohio





Litter (#5) - Born 07/17/2014 - 10 Pups - 5 girls, 5 boys (9 traditional bluetick and 1 rare redtick girl):


Pup  1 (female black/tan), Lance Dees, Eight Mile, AL

                Brazil Girls  2 & 3 (females black/tan), Leonardo Vieira, Brazil - hunt Capybara (large rodent photo below)


                Pup  4 (female black/tan), Ryan Clement, New Iberia, LA (friends picking up puppy for him)


                Pup  5 (female tan), Brian McCoy, Datil, NM



Ares (male black/tan), Teddy Reynolds, McNeil, Arkansas (forestry investment consulting)


                Bo (male black/tan), Vickie Watts, Purvis, MS


                Tucker (male black/tan), Bradley Hurlburt, Binghamton, NY (maines paper & food service, inc.)



                Pup  9 (male black/tan) Kent Schiller, Tyler, Texas


                Roscoe (male black/tan), Jeremy Kleopfer, Northbrook, IL (family plumbing business)



Litter (#6) - Born 02/25/2015 - 7 Pups - 3girls, 4 boys (7 traditional blueticks):

Girl 1 - 3.85 lbs

Girl 2 - 3.75 lbs

Girl 3 - 3.8 lbs

Boy 1 - 4.25 lbs (Reserved) TR

Boy 2 - 4.15 lbs (Reserved FB - AR)

Boy 3 - 3.75 lbs (Reserved FB - AR)

Boy 4 - 2.75 lbs

Boy 2

Boy 3

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