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Bodcaw 265-acres

Planted Pine &

Natural Hardwood


Nevada County, Arkansas

SOLD 12/31/2021


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2009 Magnolia Landowner's Conference


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To Register Click Here.

Thursday, September 24, 2009 - Timberland Estate Planning (pre-conference session):

8:00 am:          Registration and continental breakfast.

9:00 am:          Estate Planning Part I (10 minute refreshment break every 50 minutes).

12:00 pm:        Lunch – Reynolds Center Dinning Room.

1:00 pm:          Estate Planning Part II (10 minute refreshment break every 50 minutes).

5:00 pm:          Adjourn.

6:00 pm:          Dinner & social at Reynolds Farm with open bar.


Friday, September 25, 2009 - Landowner Liability and Timber Taxation (pre-conference session):

8:00 am:          Registration and continental breakfast.

8:30 am:          Landowner Liability (10 minute refreshment break every 50 minutes).

12:00 pm:        Lunch.

1:00 pm:          Timber Taxation (10 minute refreshment break every 50 minutes).

5:00 pm:          Adjourn.

6:00 pm:           Dinner, social and blues with Dana Leigh and Lawrence Moore at Reynolds Farm with open bar (informal discussion on current and future timber market). Enjoy the evening while watching whitetail deer and buffalo .

 Saturday, September 26, 2009Magnolia Landowner Conference – “Knowledge is Value Added”:

7:30 am:           Registration and continental breakfast.

8:30 am:           Welcome and Introduction.

9:00 am:           Personal and professional experiences with timberlands, easement terms and values; and selecting attorneys and appraisers - David Simpson.

10:00 am:         Refreshment break.

10:15 am:         Litigating terms and values for easements and condemnations - Scott H. James.

11:15 am:         Questions for David and Scott; and discuss easement comparable sharing network.

11:40 am:         Lunch.

1:00 pm:           Personal experiences with timberlands and negotiating easements - Robert Harris.

2:00 pm:           Refreshment break.

2:15 pm:           Appraising easement sand condemnations and remainder impact values in partial takings - Teddy Reynolds.

3:15 pm:           Refreshment break.

3:30 pm:           Discussion on forming an easement comparable sharing network – all speaker panel.

4:30 pm:           Appreciation and farewell.

5:00 pm:           For those still in town, dine, visit & relax at Reynolds Farm with open bar (informal discussion on hunting lease rates, terms and contracts).

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